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Corporate Wellness

Corporations are experiencing skyrocketing healthcare costs for their employees.


The cost to the employer for people being sick is staggering….


The Integrated Benefits Institute, which represents major U.S. employers and business coalitions, says poor health costs the U.S. economy $576 billion a year, according to new research. Of that amount, 39 percent, or $227 billion is from “lost productivity” from employee absenteeism due to illness or what researchers called “presenteeism,” when employees report to work but illness keeps them from performing at their best.

We have all worked with people that call in sick on a regular basis.  Maybe it isn’t a severe health condition but a nagging problem that occurs on a regular basis such as a migraine, or a back ache or constant colds.  The health of the company suffers because that person(s) is not at work consistently, or, if they are at work they are not working at their optimal performance because they don’t feel well. 


Another issue many companies have are people with a lot of emotional stress or anxiety and they don’t know how to handle it and that causes tension amongst employees.  A lot of healthcare practitioners do not know how to help people with these health challenges. 


Kinesiology does and often the results are quick.  It is a cost effective and reasonable approach to get people on the road to optimal health.  The health of the company is dependent on the health of the employees.  Kinesiology helps people to get healthy not just physically, but also nutritionally, emotionally and energetically in a holistic way.  No drugs.  No down time.  Getting to the heart of the issue quickly and elevating the health of the employees.

The New Corporate Model


Conscious Executives

Healthy and Happy Employees

Increased Productivity

Employee Retention

A Fun Place to Work

Create a customized package for your company.....
  • Once a month lunch and learns that educate on healthy choices and living

  • One day a month (or more) at your office to give one-on-one 20 minute consultations to your employees to help them with their health concerns

  • One-on-one consultations with the top executives to ensure they are healthy and happy and making conscious decisions for the company

  • Once a month eBlasts on health topics

  • Welcome packet for new hires that includes a full one-on-one health assessment and balance

  • Online nutritional assessment that is free to the employees to measure the overall health of the company

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