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Being a professional volleyball player, I have dealt with lots of pain and injuries. After seeing a chiropractor and masseuse for my back, I was in quite a bit of pain. I went to see a new chiropractor the following day, and after his adjustment, I was on the floor unable to walk or move for multiple days. With the biggest tournament of the year coming up I was very concerned. My dad suggested I see Veronica after he finished his treatment. I laid in the back of the car arriving to the appointment barely able to make it inside. After one hour, I left there walking straight, and able to move without too much pain. I returned the next day for another 1-hour treatment. Two days later, flew to Orlando Florida warmed up and felt decent. The next 4 days I played every day winning every match of the tournament. We then made it to the finals and won in a long 5 set match. Got the gold medal! ~ Ryan M.

"I initially sought Veronica’s services for upper back pain and walked out of her office with my hiatal hernia fixed, hips adjusted and back pain gone. She is nothing short of a miracle worker. I go to Veronica for everything that ails me and she somehow manages to always get to the bottom of the problem in a very holistic way. In the past year, I have recommended 7 friends who were equally as pleased as I am with her services. Moreover, Veronica is so delightful to work with, I always know and feel that she is on my side. ~
Alice T

"I've been seeing Veronica for about 4 months now. She is a professional lady whose approach to my healing includes mind, body, and spirit.
Veronica is many doctors wrapped up in one---Kinesiologist, Nutritionist and Chiropractor. She is currently helping me with afib now. She creates a relaxing, open atmosphere to gain the most from my sessions. She has a very fresh approach to holistic medicine." ~ Sandy H.

“I can’t recommend Veronica enough!  In all honesty, I had no idea what a kinesiologist  even was – all I know is that 3 different acute sports related injuries were miraculously CURED after Veronica . She is exceptionally knowledgable and passionate about her practice- and her clients. I think the one thing that truly sets her apart from any other therapist is she works with your whole body – inside and out – to help it heal itself. In other words she doesn’t just fix a certain area that might hurt – she figures out why it was compromised – and treats  your entire body to strengthen and arm itself so it is twice as strong and not prone to re-injury.  Truly an exceptional and caring therapist!” ~ Gretchen B.

“You know how you experience something so great that you can’t not share?  That has been my experience with Veronica.  She explained to me how it’s good to find any place where there are energy blocks and to clear that block so that your body’s energy flows more freely.  What she wasn’t able to tell me was how unbelievably crazy amazing I would feel!  Within a few sessions I was seeing life from a new perspective, my body was digesting food better, and my overall energy was higher.  Seeing Veronica has truly been a LIFE CHANGING experience that I didn’t even know I wanted. My energy is balanced, my emotions are positive, and my mind feels clearer. She truly has a gift and what is even more amazing is her dedication to sharpening her gift.  You can’t put a price tag on happiness, health, and feeling an overall sense of well-being.  Veronica will take your body, mind, and spirit to it’s potential.  She will help you clear anything that is holding you back from being your best self.  I would recommend anyone to see her…anyone who desires to be a healthy-whole person.  She will most definitely guide you towards a path to wellness!” – Kisha M.

I am a spouse-caregiver, and I injured myself when stopping my disabled spouse from falling one day. I immediately knew I had pulled a muscle deep in my pelvic girdle and I was in great pain.  A friend referred me to Veronica, and after evaluating me extensively, I saw the light go in in Veronica’s eyes.  She had an insight that proved to greatly alleviate my pain simply by virtue of certain manipulation and stretching.  Even so, it was hard for me to believe.  Upon getting up from her table, I braced myself to begin feeling the same pain I had hobbled in with, but that was unnecessary.  I really did feel much better, and it was almost an instantaneous result!  I underwent several more treatments with Veronica as the pain gradually returned over the next few days.  Each time she worked on me, I left feeling better than before, and by the time of my final visit the pain left me completely.  Veronica was wonderful, and I would not hesitate to return to her care for any type of muscular injury.  – Steven H.

“Veronica has absolutely changed my life! I have been suffering with pain in my left knee for 2 years, with no solutions from all of the doctors and physical therapists I had seen. I was starting to give up hope on ever returning to my active lifestyle until a new friend recommended I try Veronica out. After the first session I felt no pain in my knee! I am now going on hikes with my husband and feel amazing. Veronica is helping me balance my life in ways I never thought possible and I literally cannot stop talking about her. She has also helped me with my nutrition, sleep, and anxiety. As I said earlier, she has changed my life and is a true healer!” – Dina T.

“Veronica is amazing! I play a lot of basketball and had been experiencing some shoulder pain. Veronica helped relieve my pain in one session. Also, my ankles, which have been sprained countless times, have not been injured since Veronica has fixed the reasons they would so easily sprain again and again. If you live an active lifestyle and experience pain, she can definitely help alleviate it.” – Tom M.

“Veronica worked with me for a shoulder injury from over two years ago.  After spending a few hours with her, I was able to regain movement that I thought had been lost forever.  I would highly recommend a consultation with her for any muscle issues. ” – Laura J.

“I’ve known Veronica for nearly a decade and it’s no surprise she has found her calling in the science of Kinesiology. In addition to her personal devotion to help you achieve your goals for health and wellness, she possesses this amazing positive, compassionate energy that she openly shares with you during each visit.   I always leave her table with a renewed inner light and balanced heart, and I know it’s because Veronica embraces the science as much as she does her clients.” – Meg F.

"I always look forward to seeing Veronica! I have been perimenopausal starting this last year and was feeling really out of sorts. She has helped me clear the cobwebs, helped tremendously with hot flashes and general well being. She has a way, through kinesiology, to get to the root of an aliment and create healing. ~ Cathy D."

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